Per Archdiocesan norms, couples need 8 months preparation. To have the ceremony take place at Holy Family, either the bride or groom must be a member (or their parents).  No wedding date may be set until after an initial interview.
Note also: a Catholic wedding takes place in the church.

The Holy Matrimony preparation course consists of the following:

  • Initial meeting with pastor
  • Completion of the FOCCUS Inventory
  • Three to four meetings with a parish sponsor couple to review FOCCUS Inventory
  • Attendance at Holy Matrimony Prep workshop at the Archdiocese of Denver
  • Review of “Theology of the Body”
  • Completion of Natural Family Planning Course
  • Final planning meeting

Inquiries about wedding dates and preparation for Holy Matrimony can be directed toward the rectory office. Requests for weddings must be approved by the pastor before a date can be set.