“The Father seeks adorers in spirit and in truth.”
 John 4: 23-24

The Adoration Chapel at Holy Family is open Tuesdays through Fridays, 3 to 8pm

Meditations as you are in the Chapel:

1. You have come into the Chapel where you are able to meet Jesus in His Eucharistic Presence.

2. Around you, all is silent.  Enter into an interior silence.  Quiet all the voices inside of you, don’t follow-up on useless thoughts.  Don’t keep them for yourself but give them to Jesus.  During this time of adoration, look after Him and He will take care of you, better than you can yourself.  Ask for the grace to trust Him and abandon yourself to Him.

3. Fix your gaze on Jesus in the Eucharist.  Begin to speak with your heart, meaning, begin to love the one who loved you first.

4. Avoid merely saying prayers without dwelling on the actual meaning of words that you are saying. Avoid reading several pages of Scripture during the whole of your time of prayer. Enter into prayer with the heart. Choose a verse of a Psalm, a phrase from the Gospel, a simple, short prayer, and repeat it in your heart, gently and continually until it becomes your prayer, your cry, your imploring. You could choose a prayer which is best adapted to your present situation.

For example:

“Heart of Jesus, I trust in You.”/ “Father, I abandon myself to You.”/ Jesus, Son of the Living God, have mercy on me a sinner.” Or simply: “Jesus, Jesus.”

5. Don’t spend all this time lamenting or requesting. Enter into thanksgiving. Instead of thinking about what you haven’t got, give thanks for who you are and what you do have. Give thanks for all that will be given to you tomorrow.

6. Perhaps you are tired or distracted.  Take heart, as soon as you have realized it, start again, gently praying with the heart.  Ask the Holy Spirit to come and help you in your weakness, that He may take more and more control of your interiority.

7.  Jesus is the center of the Church.  He wants to be at the center of your existence.  In focusing on Him, try to progressively think “You” instead of “I”, thinking less of your own personal projects so as to welcome His will for you.

8.  Jesus is present before you.  Welcome the light of His presence.  Just as the sun heats and melts the snow, so can He continually enlighten the darkness which surrounds your heart, if you let Him, until it disappears completely.

9.  He hides Himself behind a simple and poor appearance, of bread.  He comes to you poor, so that you can learn to welcome your own poverty and that of others.

10. You are in silence, stay silent.  Mary, the Morning Star and Gateway to Heaven, is with you, showing you the way to go and directing you to the room of the King.  It is she who will silently help you to understand that, in gazing at Jesus, you will discover the presence of the Trinity   living within you.  You will come to experience in your life the words of Psalm 34: “He who fixes his gaze on Him, his face will grow bright and he will not hang his head in shame.”